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Feasibility: from Latin FACERE "to do" and "to make".

The feasibility project is a project, a statement, and an exploration. It challenges its own feasibility by using the sparest of language and design to convey signals sent from moments of deep complexity. The project simultaneously acts as design, art, poetry, activism, relational aesthetic practice, and DIY media. Pieces can be experienced collectively as a poem, a series of posters, a grassroots media distribution project, or an isolated encounter in public space. The "voice" of the feasibility project is inspired by the potential for creative action that is realized when humans respond to the very real and present edges of feasibility that shape contemporary experience.

smudge's practice explores how humans, the planet-as-habitat and built environments have reached their limits of feasibility. At these limits they pass into something else. The feasibility project signals the edges where extraordinary acts of creativity and responsiveness have now become necessary and possible.

During encounters that are sensed as "edges of "feasibility" we have posted and distributed the feasibility project in context. We invite you to do the same.


from toofprints installation, Alice Yard, Trinidad, August 2016

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or download each individually:

AIR at the edges
ART at the edges
BODIES at the edges
BREATHING at the edges
CHANGING the edges
CHANGE at the edges
CLIMBING the edges
CONNECTING at the edges
CONSUMING at the edges
CROSSING the edges
DAILY LIFE at the edges
DOCUMENTING at the edges
DOING at the edges
DRINKING at the edges
ENERGY at the edges
EXCHANGING at the edges
EXPOSED at the edges
FALLING from the edges
FUTURES at the edges
GROWING beyond the edges
GROWING from the edges
HEALTH at the edges
HISTORY at the edges
INVENTING at the edges
LEARNING at the edges
LIFE is at the edge
LISTENING at the edges
LIVING at the edges
LIVING TOGETHER at the edges
LOOKING from the edges
LOVING at the edges
MAKING at the edges
MEETING at the edges
MOVING at the edges
NATURE at the edge
ORGANIZING at the edges
PAUSING at the edges
PLAYING at the edges
PROTESTING [at] the edges
SEEING the edges
SENSATIONS from the edges
SNIFFING OUT the edges
STANDING at the edges
VISITING the edges
WAR at the edges
WATER at the edges
WANTING more at the edges
WORKING at the edges


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