Practice for Living Time in and as the Anthropocene was designed out of a sense that there is an urgent need for practices that invite humans to pay close attention to the changes that are the Anthropocene, hold the thought of the reality of this new epoch, and build psychological and emotional capacities to meet and respond creatively to the unstable conditions we will continuously encounter in these new times.

For us, close observation assists in fostering a deeper awareness of what we face as a species and capacities to invent new ways to live the Anthropocene in our daily lives. The act of cultivating psychological, physical and spiritual capacities for co-existing with big and fast change in the Anthropocene are as vital as any infrastructural, scientific, and preparatory/adaptive actions. They generate new sensations and meanings—potentials that open the future to new actions and arrangements —even as the future seems to be closing down.

Practice for Living Time in and as the Anthropocene was developed for a public workshopstaged in conjunction with the Davies Forum Seminar entitled Making Sense of the Anthropocene taught by Professor Stephen Zavestoski during the Fall 2016 at the University of San Francisco.

It was distributed and peformed on October 10th, during a public workshop, Practices for Living in and as Change: Amulets for the Anthropocene, staged in Golden Gate Park and in collaboration with the Golden Gate Park Japanese Teahouse and Omotesenke tea school.

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