Smudge Studio invites you to participate in a simultaneous collaborative event with dozens of people across New York City.

Manhattan Stonehenge: The Grid Becomes Else needs your participation anywhere throughout the five boroughs of New York on any or all of the evenings of July 12, 13, and 14th, 2006. On those days between 8:15-8:30 p.m., the sun fully illuminates cross streets on Manhattan’s street grid (except the curved or angled ones) as it sets on each street’s centerline. The phenomenon has been called Manhattan’s Stonehenge, or Manhattanhenge. (Find out more on NPR:

We invite our collaborators to:
• observe the sunset on any of these three days,
• take a digital photo that responds to your experience of the sun’s flow of light as it interacts with the city’s built environment,
• email your photo to us for display in an exhibition,
• release the city’s street grid to be experienced as else.

We will include your work in an exhibition in a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Work Space, and give you full credit as an artist collaborator on all promotional materials.

To take part, please RSVP with the date or dates you will participate and the location you intend to photograph. To learn more, email us at and visit
This project is supported by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

When submitting you photographs, please send HIGH resolution images
minimally sized to 300 DPI at 5x7 for quality reproduction. Send submissions no later than July 15, 2006.

Manhattan Stonehenge: The Grid Becomes Else is a simultaneous collaboration of dozens of people across New York City. During the last 15 minutes of daylight on July 12, 13 and 14, 2006, residents and visitors will signal, through digital photography, how the movements and flows of the sun’s light contribute to the city’s continuous emergence as place, landscape, city, and event. On those days, the sun sets on the centerline of cross streets on Manhattan’s street grid (except the curved or angled ones), creating the “Manhattan Stonehenge” phenomenon.

Smudge Studio invites New York City residents and visitors to create digital photographs in response to their experience of the effects of the “Manhattan Stonehenge” sunsets. Each collaborator will choose a location either precisely aligned with the grid of Manhattan streets, or indirectly or obliquely related to the grid. Between 8:15 and 8:30 p.m. on July 12-14th, collaborators will photograph, simultaneously, their experience of the event and the image/sensations of streetscapes, building facades, and river viewsthat it releases. Their work will release the city’s street grid to be experienced as else.

Collaborators will send us their digital images and we will create an installation of their collective work for exhibition as part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Work Space studio tour, 125 Maiden Lane. Depending on funding, we also plan to create a poster from the images. Proceeds from poster sales would be shared with all collaborators.

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Donate $2-5 for a collaborative poster printed FREE by Raz at (thanks Raz!)

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