30 card pack for $8 (100% biodegradable packaging)

In 2007 we traveled through the American southwest for 28 days. The trip consisted of 3700 miles. The Limit Case Postcards constitute a typology of intersecting streams in the midst of re-shaping one another.  Across these cards, multiple movements of various scale, speed, duration, force, effectivity, stream into the present, where they meet and become arrangements-in-relation-to-each-other.  Some are human flows that thoughtfully re-arrange geologic flows (such as the Spiral Jetty).  Others are geologic flows that come into contact with humans for mere moments in their vast and streaming histories (such as lava flows).  The cards document ephemeral structures and affordances that humans have built (power plants, churches, bunkers, places of shelter and recreation). Natural forces continuously passing through (clouds, solar energy, emissions) and waste streams of human creation (tailings, the contents of composting toilets, and discarded, bullet hole riddled target forms). The images on the cards are attempts to offer a dynamic image of a slice through time, a simultaneity of movements. These streams are in the process of meeting, in and through the landscape.  They intersect, reconfigure, and change course after contact.  Effects ripple out and time itself will be a vital actor in determining the next typological form.

The postcard format echoes our experience of continuous movement for 28 days.  They are signals sent from our encounters with the landscape as event—being in the midst of being made.  Such moments, we believe, necessitate extraordinary acts of creativity and responsiveness, if we humans are to become contemporaneous with the realities of our times.

We regard these exquisitely concentrated zones of contact as "limit cases": intense points where natural and built forces mutually contaminate as they play out to their most extreme forms, levels, and junctures.





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