On October 15, 2006 from 11-1 p.m. East River Reverses: Becomes New York will offer a dynamic image of a momentous, yet largely unknown event that reshapes New York City four times each day: the East River's complete reversal of direction and its transformation from river to estuary to tidal flood.

Several kayakers from the New York Kayak Company will be anchored in the East River off of Brooklyn Bridge park and swing in a large arc signaling the reversal of the river's tidal strait flow. The piece will be taking place as part of the 10th annual dumbo arts under the bridge festival.

In our collaborative projects, we do not use media to capture, frame, or encode.  We use media instead to release—to open passageways from the fixed to the emergent, from what is experienced and known through habit to what is continuously becoming else.  We invite audiences of our documentation to project their imaginations not back to the forces as we experienced them, but out to the city’s, and their own, continuous emergence. 

We intend for this project to set up potentials for public audiences to imagine new forms of relationality to be lived and therefore for public space to emerge elsewhere and otherwise.

Read the 10th Annual D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival press release here.



Randall Henriksen founder of the New York Kayak Company

Erik Baard founder of the LIC Community Boathouse

Gordon and Keith Brian from West Marine

the dumbo arts center

LMCC swing space program ( download full swing space project proposal)