East River/D.U.M.B.O. Brooklyn, NY 1.15.06
(attempt 1)

PDF of proposal that resulted from 1.15.06




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New York's continuous emergence as public space is made up of both
direct movements of people, things, and natural forces (commutes, bridges, rivers), and transverse movements and trans-actions within and across directional flows (breakdowns, crossings, tidal currents).
We focus on transverse flows (Deleuze) because of what they make possible: unexpected trans-connections that create potential for new forms of relationality to be lived and, therefore, for public space to emerge elsewhere and otherwise.
Our project offers media-based aesthetic response to the Manhattan Bridge and riverfront beneath.  We use media to structure an address to a massive piece of public infrastructure not as it is captured and "sold" in postcards, but as "dancing" machine becoming else as it sways, dips, and rumbles in response to its encounters with humans, machines, wind.  We address the riverfront below not as "staged public space" framed by park views, but as layered transversals of "invisible" forces continuously becoming city (underwater tunnels; reversing tidal currents; traffic above, around, over, under; ocean; moon).
Rather than using media to capture, direct, and commodify the city's flows of movement, our exhibition uses media to release potentials for audiences to experience public space—and ultimately themselves-in-relation—as continuously becoming else.