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In 2008-9 we traveled to five sites of nuclear testing in Nevada and New Mexico, participated in two public tours of the NTS (Nevada Test Site), drove to the gates of WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) outside of Carlsbad, NM, and attended the annual October open house at the Trinity site. In the process of our travels we passed through the wreckage of former worlds. Worlds that far precede human existence on the earth. These worlds rise and fall within a timescale greatly out of sync with that of the human.  We saw bases of mountain ranges plumb the earth at precipitous angles, reaching to depths that we could only imagine from the surface.  We crossed fault points within great basins and traversed the stretch marks of the landscape. We stood at the edges of playas and salt lakes once linked by vast oceanic bodies of water but now separated by hundreds of miles of dry land.  Volcanic cones and lava flows rose as mile-markers to punctuate the highway. The only certain future is that there are endless worlds to come.

the scent of creosote and sage. left with a strong impression, impressed upon. tectonic rules. ever-changing skies. days linked together only by a sense of depth. going deeper. continuous upheaval. lost bearings. we sank beneath the surface and lived amid the wreckage of former worlds. we headed off into these worlds. down dirt roads. down into the earth. below the lines. forgotten spaces. ancient lake beds. linkage of histories. rendered speechless, irrelevant. dislocated. left in awe. setting out again. and again. uncertainty reigns this kind of journey. seemingly endless. it was one of certain exposure. dry. cities, fearless and blind. teetering at the brink of extinction. falling out. dead already. situated desert. proximity and distance become interchangeable. anomalies. distinctly located at the edges. edges of ourselves, the landscape - and comprehension. summoning up. delving into the earth. shafts. formations. cavities. chambers. caverns. depressions. batholiths. calderas. great risings and sinkings of land. all rock and mineral salts. invisible forces. animal instincts. rising miracles. mysteries. dislocations. extensions. we arrived here and are no longer the same.

The resulting field guide s intended to create extensions from site to site, from ourselves to those who were present at these sites decades ago, and from humankind’s short history to the planet’s long dynamic past and future. The Worlds To Come field guide was a component of the Worlds To Come exhibition at Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Red Hook, Brooklyn, November 2009


Print copies of the newsprint are available for order ($2 + postage). Contact us for details or download copies below.



saltpost land



Project Faultless, 1968, 3200ft shaft, 1 megaton, near Warm Springs, NV

Project Gasbuggy 1967, 4,240ft shaft, 29 kilotons

Project Gnome 1961, 1216ft shaft, 3.1 kilotons
Detonated in the Salado Formation (salt deposit from a 250 million year old Permian Sea)

Project Shoal, 1963, 1211ft shaft, 12 kilotons, near Fallon, NV

WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) 26 miles east of Carlsbad, NM

Broken Arrow, Albuquerque, NM
In 1957 a Mark 17 (hydrogen bomb) fell from a B-36 (equivalent to 15-20 megatons





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